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July 15, 2021 - Legislative Newsflash

Ontario Step 3

On July 16, 2021, the Province of Ontario is set to enter Step 3 of the Provincial Government’s re-opening plan.  Step 3 allows for more relaxed public health restrictions, many of which may have an impact on the re-opening of condominium amenities.  You can review full details on Step 3 under O. Reg. 520/21: Rules for Areas in Stage 3 here

Step 3 is the last stage before public health restrictions are fully relaxed – there is currently no Step 4 of the Re-opening Plan.  While we all look forward to the end of this pandemic, we must remain vigilant and comply with public health guidelines to prevent any further increases in our COVID-19 case numbers, particularly in light of the rise of the variants, including the Delta variant. 

Following is a summary of what is changing (or not) in Step 3.  We remind all readers to consider the facts specific to their community and consult legal counsel.  There are additional considerations that can help a condominium corporation to limit its potential liability and ensure the safety of residents. 

Use of Masks & Screening

Mask-wearing requirements in common areas do not change as part of the Provincial Regulation.  The use of a mask in interior areas is governed by Municipal By-law, and same remains in effect in Toronto and surrounding areas.  Mask policies and signage must remain in place at this time.

As well, signage must remain in place with instructions for persons entering common areas on how to screen themselves for COVID-19.  If your condominium is also a workplace, you must actively screen all staff members before they enter the premises.

Public Events and Gatherings

The limit for indoor gatherings has increased to 25 people, and outdoor gatherings to 100 people.  This means that some (but not all) condominium corporations could once again consider holding in person meetings.  Reasonable judgement should be used before planning in person meetings, including considerations for building demographic, appropriate physical distancing, and local outbreaks/public health guidelines.

Re-opening Amenities

Step 3 will allow for most condominium amenities (that were not already able to re-open) to re-open, although with some restrictions.  Condominiums can elect to keep amenities closed if it is necessary to maintain safe operations.  While residents may be anxiously awaiting the re-opening of their amenities, condominium corporations must ensure that they are able to comply with all requirements.  Consider the following for each amenity:

Party Rooms, Libraries & Meeting Spaces

Gyms, Pools, Steam Rooms & Saunas

Outdoor Recreation (Playground, Tennis, etc.)

City of Toronto Guidelines

The City of Toronto has not yet published updated guidelines for condominiums under Step 3, however we recommend that all those responsible for the safe operation of a condominium corporation regularly review updates published by the city specific to residential buildings here.

Construction Activity

Residential construction was permitted to resume under Step 1 of the Re-opening Plan.  At this time, all construction activities are permitted without restriction.  Condominium corporations do still have the option to implement additional reasonable restrictions or requirements to promote safety of persons on the property