Condo Education Courses

Education is a primary initiative for CCI-T. As a leader in condo education since 1982, CCI offers various levels of core courses specially designed to help provide condo directors with relevant information about the ins and outs of condominium community living. If you're on the board, or are a unit owner wanting to know more, there is a CCI course for you. In addition to our core courses, we continually offer seminars on topical issues facing the industry, which are of interest to directors and condo professionals alike. CCI courses offer learning opportunities for everyone living or working in condominiums.

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Condo Insurance

Understanding Master Policies, building appraisals, the role of the broker, standard unit by-laws and the claim process can be daunting. CCI-T breaks these down in an easy to understand manner.

Condo Administration

All you need to know as a director about records, financial administration, administrative responsibilities, and communication.

People Issues & Mediation in Condos

Condos are all about people! This course teaches directors all they need to know about Human Rights, discrimination, mediation, arbitration and the Condominium Authority Tribunal.

Condo Maintenance & Repairs

Condo directors don’t need to be engineers, but they should understand the basics of roofing, exterior cladding, garages, mechanical & electrical systems as well as maintenance strategies.

When and How to Use Condo Professionals

The most successful condos know how to best utilize the services of their professional partners. Let us help you understand the roles of various condo professionals and how to identify the best service provider for your corporation.

Condo Enforcement

In order for your governing documents to be effective, they need to be enforced consistently and fairly. This course will guide you through the declaration, by-laws, rules, the enforcement process and preparing files.

Condo Governance

Are you a new director? This is a great starter course to provide you with an overview on Governance Basics, Meetings and Relationships with Support Teams.

Condo Reserve Funds

Ensuring your condo corporation is properly funded is vital. Come learn about major repairs & replacements, bidding and contracts, director liability and retrofits.

Condo Case Studies

Once you have taken a number of courses and have a solid understanding of condo processes come learn how your decision making might play out in the real world through group case studies. Also a great networking opportunity with other directors!

Upcoming Courses and Seminars

Coffee With the Experts
March 23, 2023 2023-03-23 08:30 AM 2023-03-23 09:30 AM Coffee With the Experts CCI Toronto America/New_York
Education Courses

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