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CCI Toronto Boards and Bytes - By-laws Video

Calling all condo Board Directors! Grab a bite of pizza while sharing a byte of info - take a few minutes before the start of your next board meeting to learn together as a group about a topic that all board directors should know about: By-laws.


Where Do I Go For Help featuring Bill Thompson

Condo life is not free of issues or concerns. Bill Thompson, the President of CCI (National), joins our host Murray Johnson to review where you can go for help when issues emerge in your newly constructed condominium community.

Interpreting Status Certificates featuring Armand Conant

We often hear that Status Certificates are important but they can appear to be presented in another language. For the 4th episode in our 12 part video series, lawyer Armand Conant joins host Murray Johnson to speak about interpreting the Status Certificate.

Debunking Low Fees in Condo's featuring Mario Deo and John Warren

John Warren and Mario Deo join host Murray Johnson to discuss condominium common expenses, including myths and misunderstandings surrounding "low fees" and comparing common expenses between condominiums.

Condominium Liens featuring Maria Durdan

Condominium lawyer Maria Durdan reviews what happens when a unit owner does not pay their common expenses and the lien rights of condominium corporations

Rule Enforcement featuring Audrey Loeb

Condominium lawyer Audrey Loeb discusses the enforcement of condo rules with host Murray Johnson

Leasing My Unit /Airbnbs featuring Joy Mathews

Joy Mathews talks Airbnb and the leasing of condominium units with host Murray Johnson.

Pets - Owner and Non Owner Rights featuring Stan Morris

Stan Morris joins host Murray Johnson to discuss condo pets.

Feeling Violated - Right To Enter featuring Denise Lash

Denise Lash speaks to host Murray Johnson about the right of entry to condo suites.

Changing Contracts featuring Tim Duggan

Tim Duggan speaks to host Murray Johnson about how condominiums can appropriately change contracts.

Workplace Harassement featuring John De Vellis

John De Vellis speaks to host Murray Johnson about workplace harassment in the condominium environment.

Access to Records featuring Patrick Greco

Patrick Greco addresses the controversial issue of access to condominium records by unit owners.

Parking Storage Charges Usage and Towing featuring Bob Vertatschitsch

Bob Vertatschitsch speaks about parking storage challenges in condos.

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