Become an Author

Write for CCI-T’s CondoVoice Magazine

A benefit of CCI membership is the opportunity to write an article for publication in CCI-Toronto's "Condovoice" quarterly magazine. If you are a condominium director and have a unique tale to tell or advice to relay to other condominium boards, let us know! If you are a professional or business partner company offering services or products to condominiums and have a relevant article, let us know!

Articles can be forwarded to:

The Condovoice Editor
Canadian Condominium Institute – Toronto & Area Chapter
705-1 Eglinton Ave. 
Toronto, ON M4P 3A1

Our Condovoice magazine typically features three types of contributions:

  1. General Interest Articles – Informative/educational articles on topical issues of interest to condominium directors and/or condominium owners.
  2. Humanly Speaking – Interesting, condo related articles or stories about condo living. Not necessarily ‘educational’ in nature, but contain a message or lesson learned.
  3. It’s My Opinion That – Articles that focus on the author’s opinion of one side of any issue. An article presenting the other side of the issue will be featured in the same issue of the magazine.

Articles should be written with the CCI-T readership demographic in mind – primarily condominium directors/owners. Ideally, articles will be anywhere from 750 – 1800 words in length and should be submitted in Word format. Contributing author(s) must include company name, credentials as applicable, as well as a high resolution head shot photo. Strict adherence to the following policies must be followed:

  1. Articles must be the author’s own work and must have the permission by anyone quoted or referred to in the article
  2. Articles must contain only new content – ie. not having appeared previously in any other industry related publications, blogs etc.
  3. The author agrees not to circulate the article online until such time as CCI-T has posted the magazine on its own website and Apple Newsstand. After this time, authors are encouraged to freely distribute the article on their own social media channels, firm websites etc. with proper credit to CV as the original source
  4. Only CCI Toronto can extend reprint rights to other industry publications
  5. All article content must be completely informational rather than commercial in nature.

If you are submitting an article, please review and sign the author consent form