Repairs, Maintenance & Renovations

Sustained Occupancy in Condominiums (Winter 2015)
by Luigi Benetton

Condominium Safety and Working at Heights (Summer 2015)
by Jeff Jeffcoatt

The Arguments For and Against Wood Frame Condo Construction (Spring 2015)
Cost and Environmental Advantages 
by Dale D. Kerr and Gerald R. Genge

How to Avoid the Cockroach Apocalypse (Spring 2015)
by Dan McCabe

What's in Your Elevator Contract? (Winter 2014)
What You Don't Know Could Cost You a Bundle
by Mark Render

30,000 Sq. Ft. Refurbishment (Winter 2014)
What We Learned Along the Way
By Frances Henry

When A Critical Component Fails Early  (Spring 2014)
A Number of Factors Will Help Determine What to Do and How to Pay For It
by Henry J. Jansen

A Birthday Refurbishment Success Story (Winter 2013)
by Terry Ferster

Your Annual Condominium Planning Guide  (Winter 2013)
by Jeff Jeffcoatt

Snakes and Ladders (Fall 2013)
by Jeff Jeffcoatt

Before You Start... (Summer 2013)
by Barbara Holmes

It’s Raining in the Corridor (Summer 2013)
by Bob Belanger

Renewing Interior Finishes (Summer 2013)
by Sally Thompson and Madison White

Proposal to Ensure the Proper Maintenance and Repair of the Common Elements of Condominium Corporations (Fall 2013)
by Mario Deo

Tarion Overhaul of Major Structural Defect Procedures (Fall 2013)
by Shawn Pulver

Balcony Glass Breakage… DON’T PANIC! (Fall 2013)
by Gerald R. Genge

Thermostats and Fan Coil Units – Do I Have Any Control? (Spring 2012)
by Henry J. Jansen

Throw Away Buildings? Not so Fast! (Winter 2011)
by Sally Thompson & Doug Webber

A Tale of Two Lobbies (Summer 2011)
by John Warren

To Refurb or Not to Refurb (Spring 2011)
by Lisa Kay

Unit Repair Costs: Above and Below (Winter 2010)
by Bora Nam

Cost Effective “Waste Management” Strategies (Summer 2010)
by Doug King

One Viewpoint – Legislated Change, Early Replacement, Current Construction Standards (Winter 2009)
By John Warren

Balcony Repair (Winter 2009)
by Sally Thompson & John Kosednar

The Leaky Unit Above: Repair Obligations and Insurance (Winter 2008)
by David A. Di Lella

Condominium Inspection Findings (Summer 2008) 
by Don Gratton

Asbestos -What You Need to Know
by Gina Cody

It’s Time to Future-Proof Your Building
by Rick Rakus

Five Steps to a Better Roof Installation
by Henry J. Jansen

A Bad Case of Mould - Goodwin v. DCC No. 54 (Fall 2007) 
by Lou Natale

An example of potential liabilities facing corporations and board members who fail to comply with their legal obligations to repair and maintain common elements.

Security Issues (Spring 2007) 
by Denise Lash, B.Sc., LL.B., ACCI, FCCI

How much - and how effective - security is, will ultimately depend on how much residents are willing to pay. Security goes hand in hand with costs.

Fire Prevention: Inhibiting the Outbreak
by Fred P. Baumgartner and Ray Goulet

The main objective of a Fire Safety Plan (FSP) is to increase fire safety awareness for residents and minimize life-threatening situations.

Unhealthy Condos: Tracking Down the REAL Problems
by Kim Strong & Les Woods

Proper maintenance of the handling system, other building systems and structural elements are critical.

Photoluminescence Leads to a Bright New Era in Fire Safety (Fall 2003)
By: Marg Cole

Nothing is simpler, better for the environment, or claims it will never fail when lives are at stake. Get the lowdown on this revolutionary new technology that will help ensure building occupants have every possible chance of survival during a fire or other disaster.

The Throne Speech; Down the Toilet - The Low Down on the Low Flush! (Fall 2003)
By: Jeff Jeffcoat P. Eng., RCM

It appears everyone agrees that low-flush toilets are a good thing in theory. As author, Jeff Jeffcoat points out, the key to success lies in being selective in the choice of fixtures.

Saving Money with Strategic Tree Care (Fall 2002)
By: Patricia Thompson, B.Sc.F

Knowing why and when trees need pruning can make the Property Manager or Director's job easier. If pruning is done when not necessary money is wasted. If trees aren't pruned when required, pruning costs are higher and tree health and longevity is compromised. This article leads the reader through the lifecycle of the tree and outlines what care needs to be taken at each stage.

Resort Condominiums: Big City Problems in Cottage Country (Spring 2001), 
by Lou Natale, B.A., LL.B., Minden Gross Grafstein & Greenstein LLP

An in-depth look at problems incurred by many resort condominiums in cottage country ... serious fire code violations, construction problems, deteriorating parking garages, inadequate reserve funds. Lou Natale explores several key reasons which have contributed to the recent problems that have hit condominiums in cottage country such as incapable small town building departments, small town builders in experienced in condominium construction, and inexperienced property managers.

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