Purchasing/Living in a Condominium

Settling Tarion Warranty Claims (Spring 2015)
by Joe Ryan

The Condominium Boom - Part 2 (Winter 2014)
A Report on the State of the Condo Industry
by Audrey Loeb

The Condominium Boom (Fall 2014)
A Report on the State of the Condo Industry
by Audrey Loeb with assistance from Odysseus Papadimitriou

Making Sense of Tarion Warranties (Fall 2014)
The Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act
by Shawn Pulver

Decorating for Small Spaces (Summer 2014)
How to make the most of a small condo floorplan
by Samantha Coulombe

Top Fitness Trends (Spring 2014)
Fitness Minded Residents Demand the Latest and the Greatest
by Gloria Doherty

Why Bother With Balconies? (Spring 2014)
The Best Reason to Create a Beautiful Balcony Garden is That You Will Fall in Love With Your Balcony
by Frederick Hann

Condozilla... Really?  (Winter 2013)
by Mario Deo

You Get What You Plan For  (Winter 2013)
by Christopher Hume

Home Staging - Showcasing Your Home for Sale  (Winter 2013)
by Ella Zerster

The Perfect Hosts -  Social Host Liability  (Winter 2013)
by Denise Lash

Delivery Liability (Winter 2012)
by Keir Wilmut

Getting the Most Out of Your Condominium Fitness Room (Winter 2012)
by Gloria Doherty & Laura Spiegel

Making the Most of Your Small Space (Summer 2012)
By Liz Camilleri and Heather Evans

Current Trends in the Real Estate Market (Spring 2012)
by Donna Swanson

Entering the Castle (Spring 2012)
by Christopher J. Jaglowitz

Considering New and Resale Condominiums (Winter 2011)
by Don Bassindale

You’ve Bought A Condo...Now What? – Part II (Summer 2011)
by Julian McNabb

You’ve Bought A Condo...Now What? (Spring 2011)
by Julian McNabb

New Tarion Warranty Resolution Process for Common Elements (Fall 2010)
by Sally Thompson & Kevin Brodie

New Condo Living - Surviving the First Year (Winter 2008)
by Janet Mitchell

The Toronto Condominium Craze
by Kjeld Larson, CCF Property Management

Favourable interest rates contributed to the shift from rental to owned dwellings, single attached, as well as condos.

Short-Term Lease of Residential Units - Myth or Reality?
by Armand G.R. Conant, B.Eng, LL.B, DESS (Sorbonne)

For the future, developers should insert in their proposed declaration (and disclosure statement) a clear provision that either prohibits or allows short-term leases.

So You Want to Rent Out Your Condo
by Harry Fine

If problems arise, be aware that there are no simple answers as you turn from a two party relationship into a tri-party arrangement.

To Rent or Not to Rent? That is the Question!
by Michelle White

In an ideal world, all condominium owners would actually occupy their own units, but as we know, this only exists in fairy tales. So, if rentals are a fact of life, how do we control them and how do we build relationships between the tenant, the building, the owners, and the Board? Believe it or not, it is possible to satisfy all parties if done correctly.

Developer's Liability: The First Two Years - Deficits and Fee Increases (Spring 2004)
By: John Warren, CA

A practical look at two common questions in new condominiums - 'What expenditures in the first year can be included in calculating the first year deficit' and ' Why are we facing large common element fee increases in the second year?'

Brief Comments from a First Time Buyer of a New Condominium (Fall 2002)
By Donna Swanson

Follow the tale of "Ms. M., a purchaser of a new condominium unit. Ms. M is a curious and enthusiastic person who likes to thoroughly research the facts before making a major decision. Was she prepared for the 'new condo' purchase process?

Realtors, Owners and Managers Perceived Problems and Solutions! (Fall 2002)
Various Contributors

Contributors to this article include some of Toronto's top real estate professionals - lending their expertise to outline (and solve) some commonly perceived problems when selling - or buying a condominium.

Q & A - Buying a Condominium (Fall 2002)
By: Audrey Loeb, LL.B, LL.M., ACCI

In this article, Condominium lawyer, Audrey Loeb answers many commonly asked questions by first time condominium purchasers. Questions such as "I've found a condominium that looks good to me. How can I evaluate it?", "I am buying from a Developer; how do I know that to look for in all these documents?", "What are the conditions by which the developer or owner can terminate the agreement to purchase?" among many others are answered in this informative article.

Buying a Condo New or Old - Let the Truth Be Told (Fall 2002)
By: Marty Wagman

Author Marty Wagman takes a look at the advantages and disadvantages or either a new or resale condominium. In the end, he concludes: "Purchasers should decide on what their priorities are and then proceed to enjoy the condominium way of life!

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