Insurance Issues

The Case For Unit Owners' Insurance (Winter 2017)
Why Would You Not Insure One Of Your Biggest Investments?
By Jeff Rodin

A Standard Unit By-law (Summer 2017)
By Tony Seljak

Slipping And Falling (Winter 2016)
When A Slip Or Fall Incident Happens, Who’s Responsible?
By Megan Molloy

Standard Unit Bylaws (Summer 2016)
The Impact on the Corporation’s Property Insurance Value
by Vic Persaud

Condo Owners’ Comprehensive Insurance Provisions (Summer 2011)
by J. Robert Gardiner

Insurance Advice for Owners and Boards (Winter 2010)
by Audrey M. Loeb

The Philosophy of Insurance (Winter 2009)
by Jim MacKenzie

Insurance Policy Deductibles -Who Should Pay? (Winter 2009)
by David A. Di Lello

Insurance Appraisals 101 (Winter 2008)
by Vic Persaud

Condominium Insurance - Prudent Seniors Dictate (Spring 2008)
by John J. Molnar

Is Your Condominium Insured for its Replacement Cost? (Fall 2004)
by Vic Persaud, BA

Is it necessary for a new Condominium to undertake an insurance appraisal? This article examines the reasons why in many instances, the construction costs provided by Developers can be considerably different from the actual replacement costs for the corporation.

Insurance Appraisals for Condominium Corporations (Spring 2004)
By: Vic Persaud B.A. (Hons.)

The benefits of implementing an insurance appraisal program and what to look for when selecting an Appraisal Firm are examined using real life examples.

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