Condo Etiquette (Fall 2015)
A Series Devoted to Practical Aspects of Condo Living

Tolerance (Fall 2015)
The Key to Mutual Satisfaction
by Sally-Anne Dooman

Condominiums and Short- Term Rentals
(Risky Business? ... Are You Prepared?) (Summer 2015)
by Quintin Johnstone

Increased Vigilance (Winter 2014)
How We Can All Play a Vital Part
by Mark Seenarine

What Mediation Can Do for You (Fall 2014)
Tales From the Trenches
by Marc Bhalla and Colm Brannigan

How to Spend a Weekend and Earn Valuable Rewards (Fall 2014)
by Bill Collucci

Unsung Heroes of Condoland (Fall 2014)
by Sue Langlois

Communication in Condominiums (Fall 2014)
Embracing the New Technology
by Eric Laxton

What is Mediation? (Summer 2014)
Many parties engaged in conflict do not understand what mediation is, how it works or what it can do for them
by Marc Bhalla

The Reluctant Director (Spring 2014)
Finding Satisfaction in Making a Contribution and Connecting With My Neighbours
by Marc Bhalla

BOO!  (Fall 2013)
Spooky Fall Fun in Toronto

Communication Nuance 101 (Fall 2013)
by Murray Johnson

The New Face of Yonge and Sheppard (Summer 2013)
by Nora Oulahen

The Condo Effect GTA residents prefer walkable, transit-friendly neighbourhoods. (Summer 2013)
by Chistopher Hume

Condo of the Year Quarter Finalist (Summer 2013)
by James M. Russell

Hello... Are You Getting Through? (Summer 2013)
by Sue Langlois and Patricia Elia

Participation, In Condo Living (Spring 2013)
by Dr. Jeff Lodenquai

Multi-Ethnicity in Condominiums (Spring 2013)
by Sue Langlois and Patricia Elia

Owners’ Code of Ethics (Fall 2013)
by J. Robert Gardiner

GAME CHANGERS - An Interview with The Honourable Margarett Best, M.P.P., Minister of Consumer Services (Fall 2013)
by Armand Conant & James Russell

Security in a Start-up Condo - Our Approach at Heintzman Place (Fall 2013)
by Betty Dondertman

The Growing Importance of Condo Security (Fall 2011)
by David Hyde

Motivating Volunteers (Fall 2011)
by Chris Antipas

Condo Canvassing and Solicitation (Fall 2011)
by Denise Lash

No Smoking In Condos – Where Are We Now? (Fall 2011)
by John Peart & James Davidson

A Property Manager’s Perspective on Accessibility (Spring 2011)
by Donna Farr

The Bloodmobile (Spring 2011)
by Len Rosen

The Noise Issue - KnowingWhat To Do About It (And More) (Winter 2010)
by Avril Lavallee, & Michael Clifton

Condo Energy Retrofit Projects Celebrated (Winter 2010)
by Murray Johnson

Newsletters &Websites: Communication, Caution, and Common Sense (Fall 2010)
by Mario Deo & Kristen Bailey

Condominiums Have Come of Age and Need to Flex Their Political Muscle! (Fall 2010)
by Gordon J. Chong

Boarders and Roomers in Residential Units: Can You Get Rid of Them? (Summer 2010)
by Michael Pascu

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: You’ll ReapWhat You Don’t Read (Summer 2010)
by Lavonne McCumber Eals

The Truth about Multitasking (Spring 2010)
by Harold Taylor

The Boiling Point: Resolving Disputes in Condominium Communities (Spring 2010)
by Bradley Chaplick

Are Noisy Neighbours Driving You Crazy? (Winter 2009)
from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

The Value of Community Vibe (Winter 2009)
by Robert Durko

Aging In Place (Winter 2009)
by Denise Lash

Working Towards Common Goals (Summer 2009)
by Robert Durko

Good Relationships Build Better Values (Spring 2009)
by Michael E. Le Page

Condominium Conflict Resolution: Recognizing the Role of Culture (Winter 2008) 
by Richard Elia

10 Key Things to Look for in a Community Webportal (Winter 2008) 
by Darryl Deen

Toronto Balconies Bloom
by Fern Mosoff & Gabriele Davies

Dealing with Condominium Owners Engaging in “Dangerous” Activities
by Christian Paquette

Enforcement: The Path to Success (Spring 2008)
by Robert Mullin, B.A. (Hons.) LL.B.

Adopting a uniform enforcement trategy could ensure a corporation's path to success.

The Condo Dream (Spring 2008)
by Steven Christodoulou, R.C.M.

The birth of a condo dream is a reality - Is It Your's?

The Downward Spiral of a Condominium Building (Spring 2008) 
by Robert L.Weinberg, MBA, RCM, ACCI

The best medicine for a spiral is to prevent it... work together... be a team.

Condo Dress Codes (Winter 2007)
by Denise Lash ACCI, FCCI

Heart Defibrillators – Its Safe to be a Good Samaritan (Winter 2007)
by J. Robert Gardiner and John Lea

Making Condo Rules (Winter 2007)
by Michael H. Clifton

Can You Save a Life?
by John Collie

AEDs have become very affordable and easy to use.

Building Healthy and Happy Relationships Between Management, Directors and Residents
by Steven Christodoulou, R.C.M.

In Property Management, a large part of the job revolves around communicating. Here are several ways to achieve this.

The Noises and Smells of Condo Living (Spring 2007)
by Brian Horlick, B.Comm., B.C.L., LL.B., ACCI

Two of the more frequent problems which condominium corporations and unit owners must deal with are issues of noise and odours.

Condo Living is NOT for Everybody
by Ellen Roseman

Condo living requires flexibility, co-operation and compromise.

How to Publish and Use a Newsletter to Keep Owners Happy! (Spring 2006)
by Milton W. Zwicker

Condominiums are not just buildings - they're people. Communicating with them is important. Newsletters are a great way to do that.

Defibrillators Save Lives
by Bruno Wojnowski, B.A.

If defibrillators save lives, and the cost is manageable, why wouldn't you have them available in your condominium?

MondoCondo - The Party
by Denish Lash

Read the scoop on the MondoCondo Party where the new TV show was introduced.

by Robert Girard, B.Comm, R.C.M.

The residents of this condo community cooperated with management in a beautification project involving planting individual pots with a variety of flowers throughout the property.

Want to Build a Better Community? Take a Look at the Condominium Rules!
by Michael D. Pascu

To create a better condominium community, encourage residents to have a stake in the making and upholding of the rules.

Dealing with Tenants
by Bob Gardiner, B.A., LL.B., ACCI, FCCI

Tenants tend to breach the corporation's declaration, by-laws and rules more frequently than do owners.

The Owner / Tenant Wars
by Donna J. Farr, RCM

There are a number of things a condominium corporation can do to ease the situation between owners and tenants.

As Residents Age, Change is Inevitable
by Denise Lash, B.Sc, LL.B., ACCI, FCCI

The condominium industry will have to address the special needs of a new world of senior's.

Aging in Place - Partnership Development Between the Private and Not-for-Profit Sectors
by Helen Leung, MSW

The term "Aging in Place" refers to one's ability to live independently (even with support services) in one's home for as long as possible.

The Social Norms of Aging Condo Owners
by Courtney Whiteside, B.A. (Hons.), MA

Condo living will take on new challenges as people age and developers will have to diversify their amenities to suit the needs of upcoming boomers.

Building a Supportive Condominium Community Through Health
by Leehe Lev

There are many programs that allow opportunities for residents to improve their lifestyle while creating an enticing condo environment.

The Aging Population Offers Many Challenges and Opportunities for Condo Corporations: Will You Be Ready?
by Karen Henderson

An "aging boomer" tells us what she wants, and needs, in living out her life.

Aging Neighbours
by Allen M. Turek, Exq.

Long before problems arise, it is important to have the necessary systems in place to deal with the special issues of aging residents.

We Will Fight No More Forever
by Jasmine Martirossian, Ph.D

Can't your board learn to just get along? Yes, it is possible. This article offers advice on how your Board can coexist, communicate, compromise and co-operate like never before!

Condominium Relationships
by Denise Lash, B.Sc, LL.B., ACCI, FCCI

So, you have bought a condo. Welcome to your new "family" and new relationships ­ the Board Members, the Property Manager, your Neighbour or that Resident in Suite 201. Relationships at work and at home require commitment and hard work. This enlightening article offers six key 'Condo Therapy Tips' for improving your condo relations.

A New Concept in Condominium Living Has Arrived - Ontario's First Vacant Land Condominium (Fall 2004)
by Ruth Flanagan, Editor of "Home on the Green"

A close up look at Ballantrae Golf and Country Club, Ontario's first Vacant Land Condominium Corporation, reveals why the development has been the recipient of numerous Builder Awards and has set the standard for the future!

The New Generation of Condominiums (Fall 2004)
by Janice Pynn, RCM, ACCI, FCCI

It's all in the name. Author Janice Pynn examines the new types of condominiums created under the Condominium Act, 1998 and the names used to identify each.

Eliminate Parking Control Hassles Immediately... for Good! (Fall 2003)
By: Richard Chapman

No doubt everyone has heard at least one parking enforcement horror story. This informative article provides tips on taking the confusion and hassles out of policing your parking lot... for good!

Helpful Tips for Improving Your Newsletter (Spring 2003)
By: Janice Pynn, RCM, ACCI, FCCI

Corporations who produce newsletters have come to understand that their newsletter is their most valuable communications tool. Author Janice Pynn provides 10 valuable tips for making the most of your newsletter. In the end, she recommends to "have fun, be creative and produce a newsletter that your community will enjoy!"

Condo Nightmare or Dream Come True? (Spring 2003)
By: Marilyn Lincoln

Living together harmoniously in a shared community is hard work. Managers, Board Members and Owners must constantly evaluate their listening skills. In this article, author Marilyn Lincoln, provides practical tips on avoiding the creation of an US vs. THEM scenario.

A Different Approach to Enforcement (Spring 2003)
By: Denise Lash, B.Sc., LL.B, ACCI

Every community has disruptive residents and those in the community that just don't comply - the challenge is to deal with those 'difficult' people AND get a positive result. Toronto Condo lawyer, Denise Lash presents some key points which may prove useful in such instances.

Enforcement in Communities of Tomorrow (Spring 2003)
By Ellen Hirsch de Haan, J.D.

In the 21st century, professionals in the condominium field are looking at new and innovative ways to reinvigorate their communities, and to recreate the sense of 'community' which has motivated so many to seek out the condominium lifestyle over the years. In order to do so, the author notes it is necessary to think in terms of co-operation rather than compliance.

The Many Meanings of Community (Spring 2003)
By Jasmine Martirossian, BA, MA, Ph.D.

Community. We use this word so frequently, yet it remains a question as to what we mean by it. More precisely, do we have a consensus on the meaning of community? And, ultimately, what is the state of the community today? Author, Jasmine Martirossian takes a look at the condominium community.

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