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CCI represents over 170,000 condominium units in Toronto. Formed in 1982 as an independent, non-profit organization to encourage and promote a strong condominium marketplace, CCI members include condominium owners, corporations, business partners, property managers and other professionals.

Condominiums remain the fastest-growing home unit in Toronto's exploding market and offer residents a unique and worry-free lifestyle. As a condominium board member or owner, however, you need to protect your investment and ensure that your condominium remains a desirable environment to reside in.

The aging of many condominium properties ... changes in government legislation ... the amended Condominium Act ... plus the ever-increasing pace of change in technology and communications ... All these factors spell out the growing need for directors and responsible owners to keep up-to-date. You need a clear understanding of the changes affecting your condominium.

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Membership Has Its Benefits, Receive:

Condominium Professionals & Business Partners

CCI also provides growth opportunities for the professionals and business partners who service the condominium market. The most cost-effective way to increase business and tap into the growing condominium market is through CCI membership. Your membership includes a complimentary listing in the CCI Toronto Professional Services & Business Partner Directory.

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