Condo Newsletter of the Year

Do You Think Your Corporation’s Newsletter is Informative, Interesting and Award Worthy?

If so, consider entering CCI-T’s annual condo Newsletter of the Year Contest. Newsletters will be judged on style, presentation, and content.

The annual closing date for entries is June 30th. The winner will receive three complimentary registrations for Directors to attend a future CCI Toronto seminar. In addition, the winning corporation will be awarded a plaque at the CCI-T Annual General Meeting in the fall and will have their name published on our website and in the winter issue of the Condovoice magazine.

To enter, please submit two copies of your last two condominium newsletters to the CCI Toronto Office.

By Mail: CCI Toronto and Area Chapter
2800 – 14th Avenue, Suite 210 
Markham, ON L3R 0E4 

By email to or fax to: 416-491-1670. Use the subject line – NOTY Submission.

Note: If your newsletter file size is larger than 5MB please contact us for information on how to upload your submission.

Newsletter of the Year - Past Winners

Newsletter of the Year  2018

YCC # 382 - Presented To: Thelma Bean and Peter Leon

Newsletter of the Year  2017

TSCC #2176 - Presented To: Desmona Cole, Kalianda Chan and Margaret Heilig

Newsletter of the Year  2016

YCC # 0362 - Newsletter Committee Members: Ruth Fluxgold, David Froud, Harriet Isreal , Mike Shahnazar and Shenaz Tolat.

Newsletter of the Year  2015

YCC # 0336 - Presented to: Pierre Fournier, Cynthia Abbott and Maeve Davis

Newsletter of the Year  2014

YCC # 0362 for the gold award – Presented to: Mike Shahnazar, Shirley Bar – el, Ruth Fluxgold, Harriet Israel and Phyllis Elfan

YRCC # 0618 for the silver level – Presented to: Lynda Leaf and Laura Holliwell

PCC # 0388 for the bronze level award.

Newsletter of the Year  2013

PCC # 0199  Presented to: Jennifer Brooker and Axel Dudezki

Newsletter of the Year  2012

YCC # 0288 - Presented to: Cathy Yeung, Jerry Aznavourian and Dr. Nick Saidi

Newsletter of the Year  2011

Swan Lake - Presented to: Ken McKenzie, David Cooper, Arthur Dickinson, Gary Pennington, Sue Dickinson, Audrey Buckeridge, Sherrill Pennington, Vida Bridgeman and Clarice Henschel

Newsletter of the Year  2010

PCC # 0199 - Presented to: Axel Dudezki, Celina Ferreyra and Avril Kriek

Newsletter of the Year  2009

PSCC # 0688 - Presented to: Dennis Kirstine and Nabil Mustafa

Newsletter of the Year  2008

TSCC # 1849 - Presented to: Val Taylor, NinaMorris, PaulMariai, DaveMilne, Tara Pollard and Miriam Preszler

Newsletter of the Year  2007

YCC # 0510 - Presented to: Ulla Colgrass,Jennifer Barber, Dieta Zuppinger, James Russell, Douglas Dempsey and Leah Lambert

Newsletter of the Year  2006

MTCC # 0595 - Presented to: Gerald Hess, Dave Churchill and Mike Wychara

Newsletter of the Year 2005

Swan Lake - Presented to: Margery Brown, Gary Pennington, Sharon McFarquhar, Lloyd Schneider, Sherrill Pennington, Mary Egli, Audrey Buckeridge, Vida Bridgeman, Phyllis and Gerry Griffiths

Newsletter of the Year  2004

TSCC # 1541 - Presented to: Iliana Arapis

CCI Toronto's First Ever Newsletter of the Year  2003

Algoma Condominium Corporation # 0013 - Presented to: Cathie McClelland and Todd Sterling. Directors made the trip from Elliot Late, Ontario to attend the CCI Toronto Annual General Meeting to accept their award. 


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